Lauren is a GP at Pantera Capital. Since joining Pantera at the start of 2018, she has helped the firm grow from $400m in AUM to over $5B in AUM today. She has led diligence on hundreds of deals, including Arbitrum and Alchemy, while focusing on sourcing and investing into infrastructure and DeFi businesses.

She additionally spearheads a number strategic and technical initiatives for the firm. This includes leading Pantera’s staking strategy after setting up the firm’s first nodes, which both supports portfolio companies and benefits the firm’s LPs by boosting investment value. She was one of the lead architects of the firm’s investment strategy which helps drive decisions for portfolio curation, modeling, and exits. Additionally, she developed the firm’s deal-related data collection processes, which now helps the team underwrite investments, make decisions, and advise portfolio founders. For years before this, she also headed the firm’s expansive co-investment program, which provides Pantera’s LPs with access to select investments and has meaningfully grown the firm’s overall AUM.

When not investing, Lauren is a solidity engineer highlighting interesting use cases for her portfolio companies, like Flashbots and Arbitrum. She has also written several viral data analysis pieces for the benefit of founders, which have received millions of impressions combined.

Outside of her day job, she is a co-founder of TLC Collective, an angel investment collective comprised of VCs who hail from engineering backgrounds and through which she enjoys investing in frontier software. Prior to working at Pantera, she spent time in trading at Bank of America and software development at Fidessa after receiving a degree in computer science from Columbia University. Her personal interests include lifting, laying poolside, and home-cooked Persian food.

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